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Here comes Ipermatch, which combines football and fintech – Software and AppHere comes Ipermatch
Become the president-coach of your dream team, buy and sell the cards of an established champion or potential talent in the virtual marketplace, to achieve the ultimate victory: Ipermatch, Fantasy games combine football, fintech and fun in one video game app. It is coming to the game world with initial item deals. Everything will be possible thanks to the technology of the moment, irreplaceable tokens (NFT) and blockchain, which will ensure that digital transactions are done immutably with Ipercoins. full. Ipermatch will be the first Italian startup to leverage the Initial Item Offer (“IIO”) to launch the initiative: like an auction, it will allow players to pre-purchase the love digital card like them, to start forming a team. They will face tournaments, to find markets. To join, interested users will be able to use the web app directly from the site, which will also provide a whitepaper on the initiative and a space to create their own accounts. The game, held in a “free” mode, will allow you to add players even by purchasing random packs in search of rarity, bringing them back for sale, and using the Item Supply products, just like in the real “fix” session during the season. Transactions in Ipermatch will be possible thanks to Ipercoin, a digital “token” authenticated by blockchain provider Noku, the technology partner that developed NFT, representing each of the technical players. number. Each of them will have an athletic and economic personality, certified on distributed registers, thanks to a unique code certifying their ownership. The athlete’s performance, in real football championships, will be remade by Ipermatch’s artificial intelligence to generate scores, allowing the user’s team to climb the leaderboards and win prizes in the game. At the same time, the single “sticker” (NFT) can become a true collector’s trump card for Ipermatch fans. The platform will also be a social community where users will be able to access tips to learn how to better manage their own virtual team of players. The founders of Ipermatch are Antonio Paone and Fabio Mazzero, recent graduates of Management and Finance. They are supported by an advisory board comprised of experts from the N1 Advisor, experts in business strategy and finance, along with Umberto Piattelli, a finance attorney (among the top 100 in Italy, according to Milano Finanza. ) by Osborne Clarke. Piattelli explains: “The desire to socialize through video games is increasing during a period of social impasse and distance, to the point that 8 out of 10 Italians use the internet by 2020 – Piattelli explain -. Ipermatch intends to keep up with this trend by providing secure technologies, intuitive applications, and a realistic and engaging user experience. This is why we are confident that Italy’s 25 million ‘fan coaches’ will be able to feel its revolutionary impact at first sight. Here comes Ipermatch, which combines football and fintech – Software and App

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